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January 16, 2012
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Country Meme by XenoPredDragon Country Meme by XenoPredDragon
The Country Meme by :iconlachechucita: *lachechucita.
Blank meme :pointr: [link]

I tag: :iconspinosaur123: :iconmasterpeach: :iconteamemeraldhq: :icondarkhumour: :iconmrskaiz:

Was requested to do this meme. And since I got into a nasty art block, I tend to do memes to try and lose them up.

I am the Predator (Yaut'ja) from Norway. Our capital city is Oslo.
And Norway is one of five countries, that makes out
Scandinavia, which is located up North of Europe. And in
Norway we speak Norwegian (Norskt), but we have two
different types that is Bokmål and Nynorsk. Our flag is red
white and blue.

"Din støgge mærrapuler!" was the closest I could get to that
means; "You ugly motherfucker!".

Norway have a sibling rivalry relationship with Sweden, and
the other northern countries. But when Sweden is competing
in anything, we will most likely cheer for them, unless
Denmark is there.

There are plenty stereotypes of Norway.
I brought up three that I am most known with myself.
:bulletred: We have the fisherman as we always eat fish.
:bulletred: Then there is the famous moose signs of Norway, and the common result of their encounters.
:bulletred: And we are of course born with skis on our feet.
But there are more stereotypes within Norway itself.

During the summer the most popular sports are Football
(Soccer), and our Handball girl team have done it very well.
And in the winter we're most found of Cross Country Skiing.

:bulletwhite: Beat for Beat is a Norwegian musical variety show that airs every Friday. It has been on the air since 1999.
:bulletwhite: Alt for Norge (All for Norway) is a reality show where ten Norwegian-Americans is doing several competitions to see who have the "most Norwegian left" in them. The winner gets to meet their relatives in Norway.
:bulletwhite: 71 Grader Nord (71 Degrees North) is a TV series where 10 celebrities must battle it out to see who will make it to the 71st parallel north, with challenges along the way.
:bulletwhite: Ingen Grenser (Beyond Boundaries) follows a team of physically disabled adventurers as they are lead by Lars Monsen.

:bulletblue: A-ha a Norwegian pop band formed in Oslo in 1982.
:bulletblue: Wig Wam a Norwegian hard rock band, which is dedicated to Glam metal and is the style of typical rock bands from the 1980s movement.
:bulletblue: Secret Garden an award-winning Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also sometimes erroneously known as Neo-classical music.

:bulletred: Brunost is a brown Scandinavian whey cheese.
:bulletred: Fårikål is a traditional Norwegian dish, consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage, whole black pepper.
:bulletred: Rømmegrøt is Norwegian porridge made with sour cream, whole milk, wheat flour, butter, and salt. And is generally drizzled in butter and sprinkled with sugar and ground cinnamon
:bulletred: Smalahove is a Western Norwegian traditional dish made from a sheep's head.

:bulletwhite: Solo is an orange-flavoured soft drink, it is one of the most famous brands, and by far the largest Norwegian soda.
:bulletwhite: Aquavit or Akvavit. It typically contains 40% alcohol by volume.
:bulletwhite: Himkok or Hjemmebrent is a moonshine production primarily from potatoes and sugar continues to be a popular.

Folkedans or Hallingsdans, Gammeldans, Springdans, Songdans, Turdans, Bygdedans.
This old dance type have so many different names and can be performed alone, couple or in groups.

The krone (sign: KR. Code: NOK) is the currency of Norway.

Meme © *lachechucita
Suni (Sun'ai) © *XenoPredDragon
Predator/Yaut'ja © Stan Winston
Sketching, drawing and coloring done at; Corel Painter Essentails 4.
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